SlotPro Conduit Profile is perfect for leading cables and wires through its inside to wherever those components are needed. The cables and wires are hidden from sight and your build maintains a neat appearance.

Check out the images below showing our latest project using the conduit profile.

Available in the following sizes: 40x40mm, 40x80mm, 60x120mm

Conduit Profile - SlotPro Product Feature
Conduit Profile - SlotPro Product Feature
Roller Conveyors
SlotPro Conduit Profiles
Conduit Profile - SlotPro Product

Wide Range of SlotPro Instock Now!

All SlotPro extrusions and components are in stock ready to be shipped!

Send us your design or cut list for quoting and then we can mill and cut to length and send flat packed ready for assembly with a set of hex keys, sounds too easy right!


We are creating a gallery of images for ideas and inspiration of how to use SlotPro on our website. Check out what we have so far here!

Send us a photo of your SlotPro project showing us how you use SlotPro and a few words about what you think about the SlotPro system and why you use it and earn $20 off your next order.

*Promotion runs until the 24th December 2020.