Doosan Collaborative Robots can be applied in a wide range of processes and tailored to meet customers needs. Some of the manufacturing processes include gluing, torque tightening and screwing, air blowing, polishing, vision, deburring, peg-in-hole and palletising.

Do you have a cobot application?

Autoline have Doosan cobots in our workshop available for demonstrations and trials. Contact us via email or phone to find out more detail: [email protected] | 0800 37 55 66

Doosan Collaborative

Doosan Robotic Features

Easy to Use

  • An intuitive user interface enables easy programming.
  • On the screen displays show all monitoring information in the robots surroundings in a card view format.
  • Robot skills are shown in icons, which can easily be taught to robots without complicated coding or use of robot language.


  • 6 joint torque sensors can detect and control force with a high sensitivity which allows the robot to automatically measure parameters such as tool weight and gravity direction. This enables the robots to perform highly dexterous tasks which can be applied to a wide range of processes including screw assembly, polishing and gluing.


  • One of the key benefits of the torque sensors is that they provide the industry’s highest level of collision sensitvity.
  • The robots can automatically identify and work within a virtual safety space as if there was actual fences in place, protecting both the robots and nearby workers.
  • Safety zones can also be established so that the robots can slow down in areas where they work with humans.


  • Extremely flexible, they can be easily installed by automatically detected inclination angles.
  • Require less space for installation and minimal changes in the existing production layout.

Robot Arm Lineup

The world’s most diversified line-up of robots with a load capacity of 6 to 15kgs and working a radius of 900 to 1700 millimeters.

  • 6-axis articulated robot with top class force sensitivity and collision detection.
  • Outstanding safety and precise operation by 6 joint torque sensors.
  • Most optimal solution of collaborative robots with diversified work payload capacity and reach of product lineup.