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Autoa U-2800 Cell

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The Autoa U-2800 robot welding cell is a compact and highly productive workcell designed for general fabricators who need to weld small to medium-sized parts. This welding system features a single workstation with single positioners (head and tail stock), with a 1000kg capacity.

With its advanced robotic technology, the Autoa U-2800 cell increases productivity quickly and easily, making it an ideal solution for large batch component manufacturing that are labour-intensive or manufacturers with high production requirements. Whether you’re looking to improve your welding efficiency, minimise errors, or reduce labour costs, the U-2800 is a reliable and cost-effective solution. With its large capacity, this welding cell can handle even the most demanding welding tasks, ensuring that you can meet your production goals and maintain a competitive edge in your industry.

Features of the U-2800 Welding Cell

Work Cell Design:

  • Single workstation with single positioner arc welding workcell.
  • Robot controller and welding power source in external closure away from welding contaminants.
  • Clean floor design with all cables and floor fixings protected from weld spatter.

Equipment Included:

  • OTC Daihen or Yaskawa model through-arm welding robot with 2000mm reach.
  • OTC Welbee P502L 500amp low spatter power source standard. Other power source brands available on request.
  • 350amp air cooled welding torch and wire feeder standard. 500amp water cooled welding torch available on request.
  • Single axis positioner for rotation of parts in welding process.
  • Enhanced safety guarding that is fully compliant with latest robot safety standard (ISO 10218-1). Optional arc guards provide additional arc protection for robot operators.

Workpiece Capacity:

  • The single workstation is ideal for wider parts up to 2800mm long and that need to be repositioned during welding. The U-2800 is also available with a fixed table for parts that do not require rotation in welding process.
Welding Jig Dimensions 1600 x 2800mm
Positioner Capacity 1000kg
Power Supply Requirements 32A 3ph 400V + Neutral
Dimensions 4093 x 3982 x 2005 mm



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