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Cable Retraction

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The automatic YASKAWA cable retraction system has been specially developed for the connecting cables of industrial robot teach pendants. This system is used to improve work safety in the production area and is a recognized accident prevention measure.

The stable housing is made of impact-resistant plastic, while the mounting bracket is made of steel plate, enabling alignment of the retraction system housing in the direction in which the cable is pulled out.

The cable deflection pulley is fitted with a spring element for cable retraction. Additionally, a releasable cable locking element is integrated at intervals of 50 cm so that the cable can be blocked if required when being pulled out or retracted.

Special connecting cables with high-strength polyurethane sheaths are used; these are highly flexible, flame-retardant and resistant to abrasion, oil and coolant. By being rolled up correctly, the cable is kept clean and damage is prevented.

Key Benefits:

  • Recognized as an accident prevention measure in the manufacturing industry (in accordance with the occupational health and safety management system OHSAS 18001:2007, e.g. for the prevention of tripping hazards)
  • Stable housing made of impact-resistant plastic
  • Cable deflection pulley with spring element enabling cable retraction
  • The integrated slip ring system
  • Releasable automatic cable locking element every 50 cm for blocking the cable when it is pulled out or retracted
  • The stable mounting bracket of steel plate enables alignment of the retraction system housing in the direction in which the cable is pulled out
  • Use of flexible, flame-retardant and resistant connecting cable
  • Protection against dirt and damage to the cable by rolling it up correctly



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