With a number of robotic welder suppliers and a variety of solutions from ‘robot in box’ to ‘full turnkey’ automation solutions, the process of finding the correct robotic welding system for your current and future needs can be very challenging.

Autoline helps its clients to understand the advantages and differences in models, features, and costs. We are able to provide a robotic welding solution to fit every size and budget!

Robotic Welding Systems Comparison Chart by OTC Daihen

See the Robot Welding Buyer Guide below, OTC Daihen has created this document to help define the various systems they offer from a cobot welder to a pre-engineered Tri-Arc system.

OTC Daihen Robotic Welding Buyers Guide

Recommended OTC Daihen Robots

OTC Daihen’s latest range of 6 axis robots is the FD19 Series, suitable for welding and cutting applications. They can be used for mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, and other metals. While some models feature an extended reach, the OTC robots can handle a variety of jobs ranging from small to large in size. All arc welding robots include the FD19 controller and teach pendant.

OTC Daihen B6 Robot
OTC Daihen B6L Robot
OTC Daihen V8 Robot

OTC Daihen Is Your One-Stop Robotic Welding Solution

“At OTC DAIHEN, we are your one-stop shop, which means we produce everything you need – welder, robot, torch, wire feeder and all the know-how to put it together and apply it to your toughest welding challenges. Eliminate the finger-pointing between the robot company, the welder company and the torch company by making it a single-source selection.”

Autoline is the New Zealand distributor for OTC Daihen.

We are able to offer a ‘robot in box’ solution, where you take care of the installation of robotic equipment or we can provide a ‘full turn-key’ robotic system where we complete the integration and installation.

OTC Autoline Welding Robot
OTC Autoline Welding Robot